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Basic + Advanced Drying Course

Start from the base of the technique, discover its limits and then raise the bar. In Basic Course discover the many possible preparations that can be made with the dryer. The Advanced Course will introduce you to more complex preparations.
1. Understanding the drying process.
2. Autonomy in basic preparations.
1. Acquire the techniques, understand the processes to become autonomous
in the most complex productions.
2. Learning to ask the right questions to analyse the success of a product that has not
met expectations and understand how to change the process.


2/3 working days
within 14 days
9-12.30 | 14.30-17.30


Description Video Course on BASIC DRYING:

Do you only switch on your dryer to make apples and mushrooms? Do you feel like making the best use of your dryer? This course will introduce you to the many preparations you can make with the dryer.
First of all, you will understand how a dryer (vertical and horizontal) works in detail, how drying transforms food and how it should be treated in order to dry it in the best way: preparation and processing, storage and food safety.
The chef will walk you through the basic steps of preparation techniques, showing you the results, analysing weak points, possible undesirable results and how to improve. He will share with you his long experience as a dryer.


    1. Fruit and vegetables
    Chips or Slices
    1.2. Dust
    Fruit leather
    1.4. Whole or half
    2. Non-fried potato chips
    3. Fish and meat
    4. Sugar
    Fruit sugar
    4.2. Flavoured sugars
    4.3. Meringues
    4.4. Sugar pods
    5. Milk powder, canned corn and olive lands
    6. Breakfast bars, crackers and cereals
    7. Garden seeds - leavening chamber - smoking wood
    8. Paper

Description Video course on ADVANCED DRYING:

If your dryer is always on, put it to the test. The advanced course will introduce you to more complex preparations.
The dryer is a chamber with a more or less constant temperature and can be a valuable aid in certain preparation processes, replacing other tools or speeding up certain steps. Chef Dalicandro will explain in detail the techniques of these preparations with the basic steps. He will show the results, and tell you how he came to work on some preparations, sharing with you the results of his experiments over the years.
Experimenting means evaluating the results, understanding how the product is transformed and preserved. There are many parameters to take into account before a process is concluded. One must not be stopped by unwanted results, but know how to analyse them.
One must keep in mind how the dryer acts on food and always weigh up the pros and cons. We cannot do everything with the desiccator. We must always keep in mind what it is made for.
There will be a little surprise extra!


    1. Candying
    2. Pasta
    3. Blowing
    4. Dry Wet Dry
    5. Sorbet without added sugar
    6. Rice
    7. Ready-made dishes
    8. Porkbushi
    9. Sali
    10. Clarified Butter
    11. Infusions
    12. Tempered chocolate
    13. Black garlic
    14. Black lime
    15. Yoghurt
    16. Soluble coffee
    17. EXTRA: surprise!

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