Manuals and catalogues

catalogues, manuals and certifications

Biosec Dryers - MULTILINGUAL User Manual

Supplied with each Biosec dryer, the User Manual contains warnings, instructions and advice on using Biosec. It is completed by some tables for drying the most common foods.
Available in 8 different languages: IT, EN, FR, DE, ES, PT, RUS, RO

Biosec dryers - Range catalogue

The complete catalogue of the Biosec range. Complete with photos, technical details and advice to help you choose of your new dryer.

Non-Stick Systems - Instructions and Specifications

Materials, methods of use, indications and images of the new Tauro non-stick systems. Discover SiliSoft, the silicone mat for easy removal of even the toughest products. SiliDrop, the tray for all the liquids you want. And DrySilk Net, the net that doubles your Biosec!

B.Master Professional Dryers - Range Catalogue

Dedicated to professionals, the B.Master range catalogue provides all the technical details of Tauro's range of professional dryers.
PDF format (single page)
PDF format (facing pages)

Certifications for Food Contact Biosec Line

Tauro carries out the most advanced and exhaustive control tests on all its products to offer customers the best guarantees and maximum safety.

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