Why dry if you are a chef?

why dry if you are a chef

Unexpected consistencies, unexpected contrasts, intense colours, concentrated flavours, taste explosions. And then sheets, chips, decorations... Unleash your creativity and distinguish your proposals with the magic of drying.

drying becomes art

Be recognised, be remembered. Discover how dried products give innovation and flavour, unleash creativity, renew your offer. The only limit is your imagination: with Tauro you can transform and use any food, creating new tasty, healthy and original solutions.

Italian quality, professional technology

The models of the professional lines Biosec Pro and B.Master, but also our Biosec De Luxe completely made of stainless steel, are designed to offer the best results, in full respect of the food, quickly and with reduced consumption. Clear the oven and turn on the drying!

They work with us

So many chefs choose Tauro's quality and guarantee every day. Find out why and get inspired for your next creation.
paolo dalicandro tauro chef dryers professional drying

Chef Paolo Dalicandro


After years of collaboration, Paolo has now become Tauro's official chef. Famous for his training courses throughout Italy, video tutorials and the surprising wonders he manages to pull out of his Biosec, from paper to jam, from salt to candied fruit.
Igles Corelli chef dryers Tauro professional quality

Igles Corelli


A multi-starred chef with an infectious smile, Corelli is the inventor of the 'circular kitchen' and a pioneer of blowing with a dryer, which he also talks about on the Gambero Rosso channel. In the kitchen of his restaurants, Biosec is always in operation.

professional dehydrators

Good ideas to put to good use. Discover our professional lines: high-tech dryers, conceived and designed for those who have clear objectives and make quality and authenticity their business.
quality made in italy tauro dryers

Made in Italy quality for 30 years

Our dryers are handmade from Italian stainless steel to guarantee durability and strength

tauro dryers customer service

guaranteed assistance

We explain how best to dry any product: we are always at your disposal

quality guarantee made in italy tauro dryers

European warranty on the installation

All Tauro Implants are covered by a one-year European warranty