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Biosec De Luxe B6

Professional performance in a small footprint for Biosec De Luxe B6, the dryer made entirely of stainless steel.


2/3 working days
within 14 days
9-12.30 | 14.30-17.30

quality and guarantee
Made in Italy

Raw materials, technology, service and zero-kilometre warranty: contact us for any information

exclusive Dryset Pro electronic system

Drying made easy: automatic programmes, temperature selection, timer and hold

the only one with unidirectional horizontal flow

Air flows over all shelves at the same time for even faster and more even drying

The strength of stainless steel

  • exclusive system DrySet Pro, 7 automatic programmes, 5 temperatures, timer and hold
  • the 20% of extra space compared to plastic models
  • simple and secure closing handle
  • horizontal flow, as natural as the wind, for maximum effectiveness

everything you need

  • 6 baskets and tunnels made entirely of stainless steel
  • approximate capacity 2.5/3.5 kg
  • operating temperatures 20 to 68 degrees
  • maximum power 550W
  • 100% Made in Italy


Description:With De Luxe B6 you will be equipped with a professional-level dryer with a small footprint.
Made with stainless steel tunnels and baskets, De Luxe B6 is the dryer for the discerning user with an eye for practicality.

Technical characteristics:

  •  stainless steel drying tunnel/li>
  •  6 stainless steel baskets
  •  maximum power 550 W
  •  external dimensions 27x27x45 cm
  •  basket dimensions 23.5x35x1.2 cm each
  •  approximate capacity 2.5/3.5 kg
  •  100% Made in Italy

Package contents:

  •  motor with Dryset Pro electronic system
  •  stainless steel drying tunnel/li>
  •  6 stainless steel baskets
  •  user manual and drying guide
  •  1 DrySilk non-stick sheet

24-month warranty, extendable to 36 by registering the product



Biosec Dryers - MULTILINGUAL User Manual

Supplied with each Biosec dryer, the User Manual contains warnings,
instructions and advice on the use of Biosec.
It is completed by some tables for drying the most common foods.

Available in 8 different languages.

Certifications for Food Contact Biosec Line

Tauro carries out the most advanced and exhaustive control tests on all its
products to offer customers the best guarantees and maximum security.

Comparison Table

All different models of domestic dryers
Domus B5Domus B10Silver B5-SSilver B10-SDe Luxe B6De Luxe B12
Drying tunnelPlastic materialPlastic materialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Number of baskets5 in plastic material10 in plastic material5 in plastic material10 in plastic material6 in stainless steel12 in stainless steel
Maximum power550W550W550W550W550W550W
MotorDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic control
Capacity2/3 Kg4/6 Kg2/3 Kg4/6 Kg2.5/3.5 kg5/7 Kg
External dimensions27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm
Weight4 Kg7 Kg6 Kg8 Kg7 Kg10 Kg
Price €204
DOMUS model comparison features
Drying tunnelPlastic materialPlastic material
Number of baskets5 in plastic material10 in plastic material
Maximum power550W550W
MotorDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic control
Capacity2/3 Kg4/6 Kg
External dimensions27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm
Weight4 Kg7 Kg
Price €204
Comparative features of SILVER models
Drying tunnelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Number of baskets5 in plastic material10 in plastic material
Maximum power550W550W
MotorDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic control
Capacity2/3 Kg4/6 Kg
External dimensions27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm
Weight6 Kg8 Kg
Price €312
Comparative features of DE LUXE models
Drying tunnelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Number of baskets6 in stainless steel12 in stainless steel
Maximum power550W550W
MotorDryset Pro electronic controlDryset Pro electronic control
Capacity2.5/3.5 kg5/7 Kg
External dimensions27x27x45 cm27x27x82 cm
Weight7 Kg10 Kg
Price €386

Additional information

Weight8 kg


External dimensions

27x27x45 cm

Indicative capacity

2.5/3.5 kg


How quickly will I receive my parcel?

The parcel is normally delivered, throughout Italy, in 2 to 3 working days after the order.

How does the return work?

As per current legislation, the right of withdrawal can be exercised if the following conditions are met.
We must be notified of our wish to avail ourselves of this right within 14 working days of receipt of the goods, preferably by registered letter with advice of receipt to the following address:
Tauro Essiccatori Srl - via del Lavoro 6 - 36043 Camisano Vicentino
The letter of request must indicate the details of a bank or postal account into which the amount due will be credited.
Furthermore, within the same deadline, the product purchased and no longer wanted must be returned to us. It must be intact and complete in all its parts, including accessories, manuals and other material in the package, packed carefully so as not to be damaged during shipment. Please also enclose a copy of the tax receipt or purchase invoice. Reconsignment costs are the responsibility of the customer. Once the goods have been received and their integrity checked, the price of the goods will be refunded to the bank account indicated in the letter requesting the right of withdrawal.
The refund concerns the price of the products net of shipping costs and will be made within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are zero for shipments within Italy for all orders over EUR 30.

Can you pay directly to the courier?

Yes, C.O.D. payment is possible for all shipments within Italy, with an additional fee of EUR 4 for handling the payment by the courier.

Is Biosec guaranteed? How is the warranty activated?

Of course! The warranty is already active at the time of purchase, but you can extend it by one year free of charge. Register your Biosec for an additional year of warranty, you will find all instructions inside the package!

What are the dimensions of Biosec?

Your home dryer is available in two different sizes:
27x27x45 cm (the small versions, B5, B5S and B6) or 27x27x82 cm (the large versions, B10, B10S and B12).
The empty weight never exceeds 10 kilos.

What is the difference between plastic and steel Biosecs

All Biosec models are equipped with the same motor: this guarantees the same effectiveness and an outstanding result with any product in the range. Both food-grade plastic and stainless steel models are CE-certified for food use, but often, for processing for sale, ASL raises fewer problems with stainless steel machines. In addition, the De Luxe versions, made entirely of steel, offer more baskets in the same tunnel: 6 baskets instead of 5 or 12 instead of 10 (in the long version). Finally, the mesh of the stainless steel baskets has a denser weave and is therefore recommended for handling very small products, which could slip from one basket to another with the plastic version, which has larger holes.

How much does my Biosec consume?

The Biosec engine is specially designed to optimise consumption in all circumstances and even has a dedicated energy-saving programme. You can forget about having it switched on and use other household appliances as you normally would. As specified in the data sheet, Biosec's motor consumes a maximum of 550W. This means that the indicated consumption is only realised when the motor is heating up to its highest limits (e.g. 68° in programme 4) and the fan reaches maximum speed. At all other times, Biosec consumes varying amounts of approx. 15W to 350W, depending on the selected programme and the current phase of the programme.

Is Biosec noisy? Does it dispose of moisture in my house causing mould?

Biosec is much quieter than a normal dishwasher. It produces a noise comparable to that of electric ovens, sometimes even lower, and is equipped with a special programme that minimises noise emissions for all the times you need to forget about its existence. Under normal room ventilation conditions, the amount of water disposed of by Biosec does not cause any kind of problem with build-up, mould or expelled moisture.

Are the materials of construction of my Biosec safe and certified? Do the plastics contain BPA or phthalates?

Biosec is made of the best materials for food use and models made of plastic are free of BPA and phthalates, which could never become harmful at the operating temperatures of a dryer. Every component is CE-certified for food use and our offices will be happy to send you copies of the documentation to ensure the complete safety and suitability of our products.

How should a product be stored once it has been dried? Is vacuum packing compulsory?

No, vacuum packing is not the only solution for storing dried foodstuffs, although it is certainly the one that provides the greatest space savings. It has the drawback of breaking products which, once dried, are more fragile. Glass jars with screw-on or snap-on caps are a perfect alternative; they can be found in all supermarkets, do not require sterilisation and you only have to close them carefully each time you open them. In general, dried products should be stored away from moisture, light and insects and stored in the dark in a cupboard or pantry.

How long can a dried product be stored?

By drying, we obtain a product that can last more than a year if stored indoors and protected from light (e.g. in glass jars in a cabinet).

Are the baskets dishwasher-safe?

Yes, all Biosec baskets, whether made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel, are normally dishwasher-safe.

I would like to extend my Biosec: do I need special tools to attach a complementary module to my dryer?

No, dryer and complementary module are simply placed side by side.

If I add a complementary module, will products placed further away from the motor dry in a longer time?

Our motors are specially designed to dry up to two long tunnels (of 10 or 12 baskets) in series without any problem. The difference in drying time between one end of the tunnel and the other may be small in the case of extremely watery products, but if you are in a hurry, you can avoid even this small gap by moving the motor from one end of the two tunnels to the other, around halfway through the drying time.

Can I use Biosec in the open air? Can I use it indoors?

Biosec fears the weather and direct exposure to sunlight. For proper use of the dryer, it is best to place it in a sheltered place that is neither too humid (no bathrooms, cellars or laundries) nor too cramped (do not enclose it in places the size of a cupboard) to allow proper air exchange and moisture disposal. Like all electrical devices then, Biosec should be kept away from water.

Can I dry different products at the same time? Do all the Biosec racks have to be loaded for the process to take place correctly?

Biosec also works perfectly well with only one basket full; you can fill as much as you want. However, there is nothing to prevent you from optimising space by also drying different products in different racks: in this case, take care to place the most watery foods at the bottom, choose a programme suitable for all the varieties to be processed and check the degree of drying achieved at different times. You can withdraw the different products as they are completely dried or wait until the entire load is ready. Nothing burns in a dryer, even if you leave it in there longer than it should!

Where can I buy my home dryer?

Our website provides a convenient and simple online shop service from which you can purchase dryers directly, paying by bank transfer, credit card or cash on delivery (for the latter a small fee is required). Shipping is free of charge! If, on the other hand, you prefer to experience Biosec first hand before buying, contact us and check if there is an authorised dealer near you. In the latter case, Tauro always recommends a quick preventive telephone contact with the shop in order to check prices and stock availability of the model you are interested in.

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Start using your new Biosec now! Discover a selection of quick and easy recipes to test all the taste and imagination that drying brings to your kitchen.

One of the great challenges of drying, difficult to prepare but delicious to taste. If you have good apricots, you can enjoy them all year round with our dryers.

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