Why drying on the farm


Differentiate and innovate your business, generate value with Tauro quality and technology, give new life to waste and surplus, expand your offer with organic, healthy and genuine products.

making a difference in the company

To those who want to differentiate themselves, expand their offering, create value, maximise waste and surplus, we offer our expertise in professional drying. Dedicated, high-tech plants and all the Tauro know-how.

to valorise waste and surpluses

Ugly but good? Don't throw them away, save them with a dryer and create tasty chips, energy bars, crispy pastries. Food is concentrated and transformed into precious gems that maximise output and generate added value for your business.

They chose us

Discover the added value that drying brings to your business. Get to know the companies that work with Tauro products. Read the stories of our customers
farm enhances tauro dryers business

THE TASTE FACTORY of Fernanda Zendron


Fernanda's company, thanks to Biosec Pro, dries naturally grown vegetable products following nature's cycles and processed within 24 hours of harvesting in the field, with a focus on seasonality.
farm differentiates tauro dryers business

Dalrio Farm


Dalrio has adopted a B.Master. Abandoning the large-scale retail trade, it is aiming directly at families, supported by an entirely Made in Italy product and the ever-present and helpful Tauro team.

professional dehydrators

Tauro's professional dryers are designed to meet the needs of farms, agritourisms, officinal herb growers and all those realities that have high quality raw materials to be enhanced by drying, even in medium or small quantities.
tauro dryers quality made in italy

Made in Italy quality for 30 years

Our dryers are handmade from Italian stainless steel to guarantee durability and strength

tauro dryers customer service

guaranteed assistance

We explain how best to dry any product: we are always at your disposal

guarantee of quality and made in italy

European warranty on the installation

All Tauro Implants are covered by a one-year European warranty

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