who we are

who we are

At Tauro we put our face on. The ingredients of our company? Young professionals, contagious smiles, know-how, expertise. And the ever-present group coffee break. Get to know us!

passion and professionalism

Because one always goes hand in hand with the other. For over thirty years we have been creating the best dryers and offering our customers all the support and attention they deserve. Write to us!


Customer Service

Customer Service
Sparkling and smiling, his watchword is diary: never without it! He writes everything down: agenda, appointments, phone calls received. That's right, she is 'the voice of the company', the welcome to Tauro. At the service of customers, she helps and reassures you, with her problems do not exist, only solutions exist. She loves music and sings a lot. And here she is again, her voice always comes through, both at home and at work. Come and listen to her too!


Accounting and Administration


Customer Service


Technical and Purchasing




Research and Development


Management - Strategy and Planning

watch out for those six

Claudio, Daniele, Isabella, Fiorella, Skledi and Mauro. Without them we would be nothing. These are the heroes of the production area, the intrepid team that creates each of our dryers!