CioccoMele, a historical recipe from Tauro

The recipe is probably so easy that you will already have pictured it in your mind! But we still want to tell you about it, also because it is one of the our historical recipes!

Thoroughly wash the apples and core them without cutting them (a special tool is available on the market). Cut the apples into slices about 5 mm thick and place them in the dryer.

T2 for 12 hours (up to 20 if necessary).

Just before retrieving the apples from the dryer, do dissolve a bain-marie the dark chocolatethen dip the apple slices one by one in the chocolate only halfway through. Place the CioccoMele to cool and solidify on a wire rack. Once dried (about 1 hour) the CioccoMele are ready. Store in airtight bags or tightly sealed glass jars, protected from light and moisture. Also great for gifts 🙂

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