1-2/10: two showcooking on drying at Fa' la cosa giusta! Umbria

More is on the way two excellent bargains to learn techniques and tricks for perfect drying: 30/9 to 2/10 at Do the right thing! Umbria, the fair for critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles. Do you know what 'dry fried' is? Would you like to learn how to recycle as much as possible in the kitchen? Don't miss the two showcooking on drying organised by Tauro.

The first will be on Saturday 1 October, at 3.30 p.m., with the personal chef Dalicandro, a dryer for more than 10 years, both for work and for the home kitchen. Waffles, powders and seasonings but also dried meat... the thousand uses of drying in the kitchen revealed by a great professional.

The second will be on Sunday, 2 October, at 2 p.m. with the cycling chef Cristiano Sabatini (in collaboration with Healthy Cook) - new ideas for sports nutrition and less and less waste in your kitchen. Peels, waste, fruit and vegetables that are no longer fresh? Cristiano will turn them into new recipes, for sportsmen and women.

DATES: 30 September, 1/2 October

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