Mushroom-flavoured tagliatelle, the non plus ultra

And if you have already dried the mushrooms, you must now take the leap and prepare the noodles scented with mushrooms, of course dried them too!

20 g dried mushrooms
400 g fresh pasta flour
approx. 200 ml water
1 egg

Blend the dried mushrooms until dust type of flour.
In a bowl (or in a planetary mixer) combine the flour, the mushroom powder, l'egg and thewater (the latter a little at a time until a firm but elastic dough is obtained). Let it rest under a tea towel for 10 minutes and then roll it out into a sheet about half a cm thick. Now pass the sheet through the noodle rollers, form small nests with the dough and place them in the baskets of the dryer.

Start the programme P5 Fresh pasta.
Once drying is complete (about 16 hours), leave the paste at room temperature for a few hours and then seal it in airtight jars away from light and moisture.

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