B. Master Plus

The most spacious and versatile dryer for any production. Our top product.

Powerful, spacious and versatile. Suitable for any production.

With 72 trays and a drying surface area of 25 m², the B.Master Plus meets the needs of most small/medium sized processing businesses. It is equipped with a 5.1 kW electric heating unit as standard, or, on request, with a 7.5 kW unit allowing operation at up to 65°C. Also available is an optional 3.4 kW heating unit, useful for drying delicate products where particularly high temperatures are not needed (such as herbal remedies).

Technical data:


  • 72 trays
  • 25 m² area
  • Maximum capacity: ca 300 kg
  • Average daily output: 70/100 kg
  • External dimensions: 192Wx175Hx82D cm
  • Weight when empty: ca 380 kg
  • Heating power levels available: 3.4, 5.1 and 7.5 kW
  • Electric fan: 450 mm
  • Electric fan power: 80 W
  • Temperature control: electronic with LED display
  • Moist air discharge control: slatted shutter
  • Supply: 220/400 V – 50 Hz


The B.Master Plus also has a modular structure, allowing it to be expanded with second drying module for higher productivity levels.


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