The great ostics of drying: figs

Do you want a pocket-sized supply of calcium, iron and potassium? Dried figs are perfect for breaking the hunger pangs and making a good caloric contribution in times of need during the day!

Being hostile to drying means that they will be a little slower in the process or that they may risk mould and oxidation more easily.

Figs galore (medium size and good ripeness)

Cut them in halves (or quarters or eighths) and place them in the punnets with the pulp side up (because the water will come out from here). The figs are ready when the texture is homogeneous throughout and the fruit has stopped shrinking and thinning as the hours pass.

t4 for about 24-30 hours if in quarters, 36-40 hours for figs in halves.

Storage, as always, is in hermetically sealed glass or tin jars.

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