Corn and pepper waffle, Corelli loves México!

Crispy polenta waffles or Mexican tacos, call them what you will, but know that they can also be made with a dryer.

70 g corn polenta
30 g dried pepper powder
3 dl water
salt to taste
baking paper

Drying the peppers: cut into thin strips and place in baskets,

P1 for 12 hours and then P4 for a further 2 to 3 hours to make them crispy and easy to shred. Blend them to obtain a powder.

Cook the polenta for 40 minutes (even instant will do for this time :)) and off the heat add the dehydrated powder, incorporating it well.

Grease two sheets of baking paper, spread a spoonful of polenta in the middle of the first sheet, cover it with the second sheet and roll it out finely with the help of a rolling pin. Place the sheets on the racks of the dryer.

t4 until completely dry.

Wait until completely cooled and the waffles will be crispy. You can replace the pepper flour with whatever your imagination and the season suggest (mushrooms, tomatoes...).

Recipe of Igles Corelli

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