From juice to orange waffle

Throwing in the trash orange pulp which remains after the juice is always a bit of a heart-stopper: know that can be reused thanks to the dryer. How? Easy peasy, let's see it together.

What remains of the pulp after squeezing the oranges
(of course, you can also start with whole oranges, peeled and blended in the blender)

Spread the pulp on the baskets of the dryer, necessarily lined with DrySilk or baking paper.

P3 Biocrudist for about 2 hours

The dried pulp will have become a wafer to be stored in a hermetically sealed container, at room temperature and in the dark. To be enjoyed like this, like chips or to garnish dishes and flavour herbal teas.

Try it also rolled up and stuffed with salty (caper, fennel and black olives!) or sweet (why not three scoops of ice cream?) ingredients. Yuummm!

Recipe by Lisa Casali

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