Passion Mushrooms

mushrooms and truffles

Your mushrooms deserve Biosec!

We can find a better pairing
of mushrooms and dryer? Hardly!

If your passion is to go into the woods, to sharpen one's sight and sense of smell to pick mushrooms, Biosec will be a valuable and indispensable ally in preserving them perfectly!

Porcini, chanterelles, chiodini and more special varieties will pass through the forest at jar in less than 8 hours, to retain all their aroma and have it ready at any time and for any dish.

how biosec dries mushrooms

From theexperience 30 years of Tauro Dryers is born Biosecthe now historic dryer made entirely in Italy.

Biosec is the ideal companion for all mushroom enthusiasts, because it guarantees top-quality drying thanks to its unique unidirectional horizontal airflowalso tested and recommended by Nicolò Oppicelli, journalist, mycologist and editor of the monthly magazine Passione Funghi e Tartufi.

Simply clean the mushrooms well, cut them into slices of medium thickness (5/6 mm) and place the slices on the shelves.

The rest is taken care of by Biosec, which with the combined action of ventilation and gentle heating creates the most suitable environment for thenatural drying of mushrooms.

unidirectional horizontal airflow

The air inside Biosec in fact moves parallel to the baskets, allowing uniform and effective drying without the need to reach excessive temperatures and thus keeping the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of freshly harvested mushrooms intact.

special programme for mushrooms and thin slices

To make the process even easier, we designed the P2 programme: it will work for up to 18 hours, reaching 50 degrees. This system also does not require you to intervene by moving the racks during drying, making the process very automatic and intuitive.

minimum energy consumption

The energy required by Biosec is minimal: thanks to the horizontal airflow, excellent results can be achieved even at low temperatures, with clear energy savings compared to other systems.

The Tauro discount for your Biosec

Exclusively for you, who love mushrooms and their world of passion, patience and surprise, we have come up with a code special discountwhich will grant you 10% discount on a purchase from our Tauro site.

Biosec is produced in different modelsall equipped with ventilation and heating according to the horizontal flow scheme.

In addition, all Biosec models are expandable via complementary modules.

Thanks to Biosec, in addition to mushrooms, you can also preserve garden produce, fruit, herbs and any other food that can be preserved by drying.

What do you have to do to get the discount?

  • Enter our e-commerce site
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  • Put them in your cart
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  • Finalise your order and enjoy your new adventure in drying!

mushroom recipe: farinata del bosco

Discover with us how best to dry your mushrooms and reuse them in a thousand different ways!
Have you ever tried 'farinata del bosco' for example? Read how to make it with your own home-dried mushrooms with Biosec!