Fruit leather (but also with vegetables, cocoa, nuts...)

Making these dried fruit or vegetable sheets is really the easiest thing in the world, and so is eating them! So make them and stock up before your mouth waters 😉


Bananas and pomegranates (the red one)
Blend ripe bananas and pomegranate seeds at a ratio of 1:1 (one banana per pomegranate).
Blend everything, spread on non-stick sheets or baking paper and dry for the required time.

Persimmon and walnuts (the yellow one)
Blend some persimmons and then add some macadamia nuts in the blender and, if you like, some protein powder (whey, or hemp, soya, rice), but not too much because when cycling or walking, carbohydrate MUST be the number one macronutrient to be assimilated.

Cabbage and cocoa (the green one)
Blend cleaned kale leaves, ribs and all. Add mango in a proportion of 1:1 and some cocoa beans. Spread and dry.

t5 for a night's work and we get a sheet that was originally about 5mm thick.

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