On-farm drying

With a professional dehydrator you can recover waste, expand the product offer and increase revenues.


Dehydration is a business.


expand product offering

differentiate from competition

too many scraps?

ugly fruit and vegetables, thrown away or sold off?

professional drying solutions

Biosec PRO

12 stainless steel trays

up to 25 kg of tomatoes

up to 15 kg of sliced mushrooms

For the sake of the environment.

Insulated structure for superior efficiency and greater energy savingsfaster results and higher quality. Integrated humidity sensor that autonomously manages recirculation and disposal of humid air


40 stainless steel trays

up to 80 kg of tomatoes

up to 60 kg of sliced mushrooms

+quality -consumption.

Disposal of humid air optimises drying and energy consumption.
Also available in TWIN version, with double heating and fan module


72 stainless steel trays

up to 160 kg of tomatoes

up to 120 kg of sliced mushrooms

Perfect for any production.

Power and delicacy. Each dryer is a unique, handmade piece.
Also available in TWIN version, with double heating and fan module


144 stainless steel shelves

up to 380 kg of tomatoes

up to 240 kg of sliced mushrooms

Maximum capacity.

Let's find the right set-up together. Double the surface area to a total of 50 m2. The largest model for those who dry large quantities of fresh produce all year round.

drying with Tauro means


Dedicated high-tech installations, warranty and all Tauro know-how. Turnkey workshop.

At your side before and after the sale.

We offer all our experience in professional drying.

We will reveal a few tricks on how best to dry any product: we are always at your disposal.

No middlemen. All our dryers are manufactured in our Camisano Vicentino plant.

product tests

Our experience to realise customised tests with your products.

Drying is a business.

Paolo Dalicandro, chef who with Tauro is involved in experimentation, content and consultancy for drying-related busness activities.

Tauro not only sells a professional dryer: with purchase you get an initial consultation to accompany you on your journey.

"I bought a Biosec Domus B5 dehydrator and immediately fell in love with it, both fruit and vegetables retain all their properties." - Fernanda Zendron

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With a rating of 4.9 / 5 | 1,160 reviews

"Top product quality (including accessories), but what is most striking is the professionalism and helpfulness of the company..." - Camilla Archi

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With a rating of 4.9 / 5 | 1,160 reviews

"I heard about TAURO Dehydrators through friends. I was looking for a way to preserve abundant fruit and vegetables.." - Paola Tabarin

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With a rating of 4.9 / 5 | 1,160 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

Trust of us.

Quality Made in Italy for 30 years.

It was in the Veneto countryside that the ideas for our dryers sprouted, with the mind set on those who make history and culture out of agriculture.

Our dryers are handmade from Italian stainless steel to guarantee durability and strength.


Lengthens the shelf-life of your products in a natural way.

Find out more about companies that are working with Tauro products

why drying pays off for everyone: respect for the earth, sustainability, short supply chain and circularity of the economy

Essicchiamo il gusto

Fernanda's farm, thanks to Biosec Pro, has turned drying into a unique and innovative business, transforming a passion into work. Fernanda dries the products from her garden, following the cycle of the seasons, processing them in her food laboratory within 24 hours of harvesting. A sustainable business that has reduced waste to zero, managing a short production chain. A genuine and simple model of circular economy.

Bella dentro

From Camilla and Luca's dream of actively contributing to the fight against food waste, the start-up Bella Dentro was born in Milan, which among its delicacies, ugly but good, also offers dried products. And what products! Directly from the laboratory of l'Officina di Codogno, where young people with disabilities fully work, seasonal products saved from waste are dried. A smart, inclusive and sustainable way of doing business, reducing waste from start to finish.

Podere Colombara

This family-run farm was established in 2012 by Giulia and Davide who decided to change their lives and dedicate themselves to organic and sustainable agriculture, cultivating ancient varieties of fruit and vegetables that are more resistant to disease and therefore more suitable for organic farming. The genuine products of their land are then dried in the company laboratory, also for third parties, and resold both online and directly at fairs and markets.

For more than 30 years, with our professional dehydrators, we have been at the side of of farms, agritourisms and the realities of food processing.
Valuable allies for chef and petfood producers.

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