Drying apricots

Drying apricots is not easy! Just take into account two basic aspects such as size and temperature and once dried, you have great snacks, convenient to carry and eat at any time of day.

Apricots galore (medium size and good ripening point)

If the size of the longest side of your apricot exceeds 4 cm, the spoilage of the product will come before it is dried, so better to leave it alone (unless you want to slice them into 5 mm thin slices or small pieces, then OK). Regular-sized apricots should be cut in half, pitted and placed belly up in the dryer's baskets (without baking paper or Drysilk).

Choose a programme around 50° (or more if necessary), t4 or t5 for 48/60 h.
It is advisable to check them from time to time because if they change their appearance between checks, it means they still have water to expel. The 9 test: squeeze the apricot's tummy, it must be hard.
Then store them in a hermetically sealed glass jar.