Why dry at home

why home drying

Ecological, cheap, healthy and very simple. Four good reasons to dry them and bring Biosec into the kitchen with you. Discover all the advantages of home drying.

a thousand and one advantages for drying

Saving, eco-sustainability, zero km, seasonality, recycling cuisine. Discover the satisfaction of bringing home-made, healthy, tasty but also convenient, economical and intelligent dishes to the table. All this with a dryer!

to create healthy and tasty recipes

Garlic, oil and chilli, home-made stock cubes, risotto in a ready-to-use bag, mashed potatoes... but also meringues, crispy pastries, vegetable chips and fruit snacks. There is a whole world to discover inside a dryer. An organic, ecological and economical world. Try it to believe.

Be inspired

Take inspiration to create healthy recipes for the family, snacks for sports enthusiasts, snacks for your four-legged friends and even organic cosmetics!

domestic dehydrators

Discover the line of dryers designed for your kitchen: Tauro technology guarantees a professional result and all the simplicity you are looking for.
Tauro quality dryers made in italy

30 years of made-in-Italy quality

our dryers are handmade, with Italian raw materials, to guarantee durability, quality and strength

tauro dryers customer service

always at your disposal

whatever you need, our support is always ready to help: just give us a call.

quality assurance tauro dryers

all the guarantee you need

Guaranteed products according to regulations, one year's additional cover for domestic products free of charge