Puffed delights, Chef Corelli's recipe

We are talking about foods that thanks to a prolonged cooking (as opposed to normal), are then cut into sheets with a rolling pindriedbroken into small pieces and sautéed in hot oil. Strange but highly appetising process.

Puffed pork chips

50 g pork rind
Bake or steam the pork rind for at least 8 hours and let it dry at a temperature of 35°C for 2 days or until completely dry. Sauté in a hot frying pan with a drizzle of oil.

Puffed potato chips
50 g potatoes
Bake 50 g of potatoes in a steam oven for at least 8 hours and mash the resulting mash between two sheets of baking paper until you obtain a thin layer to be dried at a temperature of 35°C for two days. Break up the potato chunks and fry them in a frying pan with hot oil until puffed.

Puffed dough (this one won't be crispy but still surprising)
50 g pasta (like maniche, mezze maniche or rigatoni)
1 l water
Cook the pasta for 50 minutes. Drain and dry completely in a dryer. Fry the pasta in plenty of extra-virgin olive oil to a crisp.

Recipe of Igles Corelli