The 5 dried products to try now

There are some products that can really be considered the fundamentals of dryingto prepare and keep in the kitchen, ready to use and to prepare again whenever they run out.

Using seasonal, fragrant and ripe ones, simply slice them thinly and place them in the dryer with the P1 for about 8 hours.

In this case it is fine even an expired jar (it happens often, as long as it is within 10 days), to be laid out on the supplied sheets or baking paper and dried with the programme t4 for about 10 hours. The result is a crispy slab that can be kept broken up and added to various dishes for a very pleasant, acidic note.

Peel and thinly slice and dry with programme P1 for about 8 hours or at least until they have lost their moisture and then store them in an airtight container. Then use them in soups, dressings, meat and fish main courses...

Leeks and spring onions
We often discard up to 50%, i.e. almost all the green parts. Instead, we can cut them into strips and dry them with the P2 for about 8 hoursvery useful for stir-fries, broths, soups...

Always nice on soups or risottos. Slice them thinly and dry them until they have lost their moisture, store them hermetically sealed and consume within six months. Programme P2 for about 12 hours.

Recipe by Lisa Casali